What is the BUiLD Program?


UTS:BUiLD is the short name for the University of Technology Sydney’s international leadership program: Beyond UTS International Leadership Development.

The program is an opportunity for every UTS student to make the most of their time at UTS, develop their leadership potential and take part in a range of local and international activities.

Being part of UTS:BUiLD gives UTS students the  ability to go beyond the academic curriculum of their degree – giving them access to a world of opportunities.

Students collect 100 BUiLD points to complete the program and their participation is recognised on their Australian Higher Education Graduation Certificate when they graduate from UTS.

With local Indonesian kids in rural Indonesia, Bandung
Rabab Hannah’s selfie with local Indonesian kids in rural Indonesia

UTS:BUiLD Overseas Programs  

Every year UTS:BUiLD gives students the opportunity to travel overseas for:

  • Study tours
  • Internships
  • Conferences
  • Experiential learning programs
  • And much more!

UTS:BUiLD Overseas Programs give students a new perspective on their studies by putting them into a global context.

Some of the programs can attract academic credit back in Australia and others are programs are those that students arrange themselves.  Some of our students receive grant funding to help cover the costs of their travels overseas.

Zhicheng Public Interest Law Interns
Zhicheng Public Interest Law Interns

UTS: BUiLD On Campus 

UTS:BUiLD also hosts a variety of events on campus that build the leadership capacity of BUiLD students and provide them with opportunities to network and connect. From inspirational keynote speaker events to skills workshops and off-site volunteering the diversity is endless.

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